Ships Full Agency

Ships Full Agency

Fully trained and experienced team across the whole process.

All in Full Agency

With offices in all Ports in UAE , you can be assured that we have the local knowledge and industry expertise to find the best solution to cater for your needs.

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Pre-Arrival Planning

We perform pre-arrival planning for your port call, including Coordination of Vessel Services, Coordination with Cargo Supplier, Coordination with Suppliers (if any), Declaring with Port, Notices to All parties etc

All In-Port Services

We perform all in-port services needed, like vessel boarding, monitoring of vessel operations, Cargo Updates (Realtime), Liaising with Master & Port Authorities and coordination of pre-booked services.


We perform check on all required departure procedures including Documentation such as B/L, Manifests & all required documents, Customs clearance of Cargo & Vessel Outward Clearance.

Post Departure

We perform thorough follow-up with information and communication with regards to cost and disbursement accounts. All invoices are dispatched same day with our quick invoicing initiative.

At JW Marine Co It's all about standards of operations, predictable pricing, and dedicated people on duty to maximize your fleet’s utilization rate.

  • Reliable, predictable and professional agency people
  • Pre-agreed agency fees in selective ports
  • Solid connections with respective port authorities
  • Quality checked and trained agents
  • Deep knowledge of cargo operations and how to carefully arrange loading and discharge of specific commodity types

Ships Full Agency Support Team


Head Office - Fujairah

+971 54-4045-493

STS Support Team

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Launch Service Support Team

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