Hull Cleaning

Hull Cleaning

Under Water Cleaning

Hull Cleaning - UAE Ports

JW Marine can arrange or coordinate (if you have already chosen a company) underwater hull cleaning with the latest technology, which removes ships’ underwater growth and barnacles on the hull without causing marine pollution and without minimum damage to the ship’s anti-fouling paint coating on the hull.

These competencies, set within a strong framework of Management Processes and Controls, allow us to operate an effective and seamless service to our Principals and Clients.

At JWM, We further believe that central to our Peoples’ business is the personal approach that has been embedded into our culture.

Underwater Hull Cleaning

Wet Welding

Class Approvals

Hull Cleaning - Fujairah

You should know that when ships begin to lose speed and fuel efficiency, the loss of profits is never far behind. This is an obvious reason why scheduling your vessels for preventive maintenance makes good economic sense.

Fujairah, United Arab Emirates is a crucial shipping hub, where over 120 ships calling average a day for various ship services and cargo operations. Fujairah is the 2nd busiest Anchorage bunkering station in the world.

Fujairah, United Arab Emirates is known, along with Singapore and Rotterdam as one of the top Bunkering locations in the World.

Advantages of Fujairah Port:

  • Strategic Position Outside the Straits of Hormuz.
  • Safe Calm Waters.
  • High Level of Control and Policing.
  • Varied and Efficient Supply and Service Arrangements.
  • Excellent Reputation for Safety and Security.

Our arranged diving team fulfills your requirements for underwater hull cleaning, propeller polishing, or damage repairs, when your response time is critical, in an emergency situation, or even when your reputation is on the line.

We have skilled, professionally trained Divers with international diving licenses, who will perform all kinds of underwater Diving jobs. We can also undertake marine services for Drilling plates, Derrick boats, Passenger Sea liners, Container Vessel, Oil barges, Hydrofoil, Marine yachts, small size vessels, Marine growth on ship hulls, and propeller-rudder system at Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah (Mina Saqr).


Save Time and Money
Through Regular Cleaning.

JW Marine as Agents selects companies based on your requirement and budget from a diverse team of companies who specializes in conducting ship underwater hull cleaning & propeller super polishing to Rubert grade ‘A’ standards.

In addition to vessel hull cleaning and propeller polishing, we also covers a diverse range of underwater specialties as follows:

  • Photographic Inspections
  • Installation of cofferdams
  • Hull coating & damage assessment inspections
  • Underwater cutting & wet welding
  • Propeller polishing
  • Replacement of ICCP Cathodic protection & sacrificial anodes
  • Blanking of sea chests & overboard discharges
  • Salvage & anchor search and recovery operations
  • Replacement of transducers & speed logs

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