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JW Marine was established in 2010 and focused on providing composite shipping services from UAE Port. Initially, our focus was only on Fujairah Port, then over the course of time, we expanded our service to all Ports in UAE. Our services include Shipping Agency, Clearing & Forwarding, Stevedoring, Warehousing, and Transport conveniently provided under one roof.
Keeping customer satisfaction our highest priority, our commitment to quality ensures the finest service and customer support available today. With a comprehensive Infrastructure, Human Resources, Customer base, and experience behind us, today we are proudly asking you to ‘Trust Us‘ – and you can ‘Be Assured‘ that you will be totally satisfied.

+Years Of Industry Experience

Our Mission

JW Marine endeavor to exceed the expectation of our customers by offering excellent, reliable & fast shipping services with class and consistency. We are alongside and at your service in port or at sea, around the clock, around the world.

What we do

Safety, security, quality, and corporate compliance, are our watchwords. JW Marine is committed to meeting the highest standards with honesty and transparency in everything we do.

Who We Are

Ensure all your needs are being met when it comes to your ship and cargo.
JW Marine is a full-service shipping agency serving the entire Coast of the United Arab Emirates.
Our wide range of services sets us apart from the competition.


We believe that our solutions and services have the potential to add value to your business. We seek to inspire a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement as we interact with clients.


We believe that ethical business practices define the character of our company & everyone at JW Marine. Every employee upholds and will continue to uphold the highest standard of conduct within their area of responsibility.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. The most important aspects of a good business are Integrity & Honesty towards the work. JW Marine proudly upholds its value beyond boundaries.


Deeply involved in building relationships - everything we do is with the long-term in mind. Our dedication to quality is the cornerstone of our success.


Our services & products are built on trust. Our clients trust us and in return, we make the best decisions to move their freight quickly and efficiently on time, every time.


We are constantly seeking better ways to ensure social commitment and accomplish economic growth. We are constantly innovating and proactively sharing viable ideas.

Our History

The Maritime industry has developed around robust values. From the early days of the Maritime industry when the first merchants entrusted their cargo to ship-owners to be carried around the world, trust and its management played a vital role.

We continue to embrace this tradition and have developed an approach built around four core values pertinent to building trust and confidence in us. We ensure that our Principals and Clients are placed at the center of all our decisions and working practices.

We never compromise on quality. We believe that true quality is achieved through the perseverance of our people, the design of our controls and procedures as well as the culture of our company and its management.

We believe in teamwork and encourage the development of strong personal relations between members of our team. We face adversities head-on as a single entity and support each other for increased efficiency.

In the competitive environment in which we operate, we believe that we do not profit from withholding information from our Clients but collaborate with them in a transparent manner, to get the best results.

Characteristic of the Maritime nature we believe in establishing long-term business relationships and favor arrangements that have strong potential for development and growth.

Why Partner with us

We Help You Stay Relaxed

Our customers don't think of us as just another vendor. They think of us as a partner in every sense of the word -- in it for the long haul and committed to helping them confidently lead their organization in a changing world.

We Make Sure You Realize Value Fast
We're There For You, No Matter What
We're All In This Together.

Why Us?

24X7 Operation

Though Shipping companies have 24X7 Operations worldwide, JW Marine approaches in a different way. We do not maintain skeletal staff for night operations rather a full operating desk through out the day with a dedicated PIC.

Experienced Staff

At JW Marine the average experience per staff is 5 years and due to this set standard, we are able to serve our customers in the most Professional ways with the help of our team.

Safety & Health

At JW Marine, we prioritize safety, health and the environment in all our operations through ongoing training of our people, continuous risk assessment and the cross - fertilization of innovative ideas from across our various operations. We offer safer, cleaner and more efficient shipping service solutions.

The number we're most proud of

Our Relentless Customer Focus



Outstanding customer service is one of our core values at JW Marine. From day one, we’ve been committed to delivering on our promises and doing right by our customers. And it shows—we’ve maintained an industry-leading satisfaction rating for 12 straight years.