Fujairah Port Busiest Port In UAE

Port of Fujairah is the only multi-purpose port on the Eastern seaboard of the United Arab Emirates, approximately 70 nautical miles from the Straits of Hormuz. Initial Construction of the Port started in 1978 as part of the economic development of the UAE. Full operations commenced in 1983. Since then the Port has embarked on a continuing process of enhancement to both its facilities and its comprehensive range of functions.

The port has the following facilities:

  • 1.4 kilometer long main quay
  • 2 Bulk Loaders for aggregate export:
    • Berth Lengths: 600 metres
    • Draft: 15 metres (PD)
    • First Bulk loader is capable of loading
      2000 tons per hour and second loader is
      capable of loading 4000 tons per hour.
  • Southern Breakwater berths:
    • 840 metres of general cargo berths
    • Draft of 15 metres
    • A Travel Lift facility and Berth available for
      the lifting of supply and associated vessels
      for maintenance and repair.
    • Common user sites for vessel repair.
  • Northern Breakwater berths:
    Oil Terminal 1 (OT1) :
    • Commissioned on Jan. 2006
    • Lengths: 840 metres
    • No. of Berths: 3
    • Draft: 15 metres (PD).
    • Through-put capacity: 15 million ton/year.
    • Tankers up to: DWT 110,000 tons.
    • No. of loading Arms: 8 x 16 inch MLA.
  • Oil Terminal 2 (OT2) :
    • Commissioning on June 2010
    • Lengths: 1,500 meter
    • No. of Berths: 4
    • Draft: 18 metres (PD)
    • Through-put capacity: 25 million ton/year
    • Tankers up to: DWT 180,000 loaded & VLCC loaded
    • No. of loading Arms (32) each berth has:

    4×16 inch MLA.
    4×12 inch MLA.

Marine Charges For Bulk Vessel

NoServicesApplicable Charges Additional Info
1Marine / Harbour Dues GRT X AED 1.30 (for Cargo Operation) (Basis 2 Hours Of Berthing And 1 Hour Of Unberthing)
2Garbage Dues AED 530.00 Fixed rate (3 days of port stay included)
3Clearance Dues AED 355.00 100% SURCHARGES DURING HOLIDAYS)
4Immigration Inward Clearance Fee AED 159.00 .
5Customs Clearance Dues AED 500.00 .
6Menas Light Dues USD 1.65 X (GRT / 100) Exch Rate calculated by MENAS is USD 1.00 = AED 3.6725

Frequently Asked - FAQ's

There’s NIL Such restriction in Port of Fujairah – Berthing / Unberthing is 24X7.

As Per Vessel’s Request (If Any).

As Per Vessel’s Request (If Any).

Minimum moorings will be 3 head & 3 stern ropes, 2 breast’s rope and 2 springs forward and aft. anchored vessels must be vigilant and be prepared to lift anchor and steam until high winds have passed.

Generally Ship’s Gnagway is used, however incase required, shore gangway can be arranged at extra cost.

A properly rigged ship’s gangway or accommodation ladder with Safety net should be provided for the safe access of the shore personnel.

Yes, Pilot boarding can be scheduled (24X7).

For aggregate cargo, loading is only via conveyor. There are 2 conveyors in fujairah port; berth#5 & berth#6.

Na to general berths. However for conveyor berth there are restrictions.

Max sailing draught – 14.00 Mtr.

Trimming – as per vessel standard.

ROPME, Not Applicable for vessels from last port with in Persian Gulf. ROPME Sea Area (RSA) is a special area as per IMO Resolution 168/56. Ballast water exchange outside the RSA is entered into force as of 01 November 2009.
We would like to remind all ship masters that ballast water exchange in Fujairah Offshore Anchorage Area until 50 NM from the shoreline is prohibited. Ships having onboard an IMO approved and certified Ballast Water Treatment system are permitted to exchange ballast water in Fujairah Offshore Anchorage.

Exchange of Ballast water at F.O.A.A and in Port of Fujairah is prohibited.

Garbage disposal fee is inclusive of marine charges however for issuance of garbage certificate charges are applicable. Agents are not permitted to issue or endorse garbage receipt.

Yes, permitted subject to port approval. In case of me immobilization, a special permission from port is mandatory. Please write to us and we shall revert with the procedures / formalities.

Security Level 1

Security Manager / PFSO

Landline: +971 (0) 9 2070 824

Mobile: +971 (0) 50 3911286

Email: sec_pof@fujairahport.ae

Lowering of lifeboat from vessel inside harbour can be permitted provided the following statements by Shipmaster to Control Tower on V.H.F Radio,

  • Lifeboat will be lowered up to water level only.
  • Life boat will not be released from its hoisting hook.
  • Lifeboat will be hoisted back immediately.

However as per Port regulation such request to be raised by the agent with 24 hours’ notice. But still we can try for the approval. Please sign /stamp on the attached letter & revert.
Charges applicable

Photography is strictly prohibited in Port of Fujairah and at Fujairah Offshore Anchorage Area. Special permission must be taken from the concerned authorities prior any photo / video shoot.
Legal actions will be taken against violators and equipment used in the video/photography will be confiscated.
Ship Master / skipper is also subject to legal actions if he permits anyone onboard his vessel / utility boat to use video / still camera.

For special permission, please contact us. Charges applicable

a. Only Companies Registered for Offshore Services with Port of Fujairah are permitted to attend ships for technical jobs.
b. Technicians exceeding 10 required a letter from Marine Department prior permitting for attending ships at FOAA.

Request for obtaining this letter should be submitted with 72 hours’ notice and should contain the
following information,

  • Ship Name
  • IMO No.
  • Vessel Type
  • Vessel Condition
  • (Ballast / Loaded)
  • Whether Gas free (if Ballast)
  • Scope of job
  • Attending Company
  • Number of Technicians
  • Duration of job

c. Confirmation to the following conditions required in addition to the above, “The technicians will not involve in Tank Cleaning / De-mucking / hatch/hold cleaning operation onboard the vessel. No hot work will be carried out in tanks (this applicable to all type of tanks irrespective of type of vessel)”.

a. Change of Ship’s name permitted only if the registered owner and the Flag of the vessel remain unchanged.
This condition applies only to tankers.
b. Any change in ship information should be informed to Harbour Master’s Office 48 hours prior ship’s arrival.
c. Changes such as, ship name, class, flag, ownership, agent, etc. should be informed to Marine Department prior apply changes.
d. Copy of Provisional Certificate of Registry must be submitted prior making changes on ship’s hull (can be faxed to Marine Department).
e. Ship Certificates as per Section II in this notice should be submitted immediately after changing name with effected changes.
f. Vessel and her local shipping agency should report immediately after change of ship’s particular.
g. All attestations and other requests prior information change will be accepted with the present name.